Japanese Facial Massage

Japanese Facial is a unique method that focuses on a blend of aesthetic and physiological factors to reduce aging in the face and neck.


This is an ancient technique that focuses on the reflex points in the feet, hands and head. The reflex points coincide with all the organs and organ systems in the body. Reflexology increases and re-balances energy, relieves stress, balances body function, and helps you relax.

Deep Tissue Massage

These techniques address the deep underlying muscles and connective tissue in the body. Therapeutic massage is used primarily for injuries, reduced range-of-motion, rehabilitation and problems associated with limited or painful movements.

Renue Massage Therapy

The Answer to Sore Muscles in Tyler, TX

We specialize in rehabilitation of most injuries, old or new, pain management and decreasing the risk of future injuries from sports, work or play. Your relaxation and pain reduction is our most important responsibility. Call for more information about your specific condition.

Searching for relief from your fatigued muscles in Tyler, TX? Massage therapy could be the perfect remedy for your body’s call for relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage therapy session to help release stress, or you’re interested in a specific technique to help relieve chronic pain, our massage therapists are ready to help.

We offer several different types of massage therapy at our Tyler, Texas location, including reflexology and reiki. Our services lend themselves to being the perfect gift for anyone you know who could use a bit of relaxation or stress relief, including the expectant mother. We make sure that every visit is effective by learning about your needs and goals for the session. We then tailor the service to your requests and needs, and ensure that you leave feeling better.

Renue Massage Therapy in Tyler, TX, offers massage therapy and massage therapy classes at great rates. Using a variety of massage therapy techniques, clients are able to find relief from aching, tired muscles. Call today for more information.

*60 minute massages include 10 minutes of consultations and disrobing with 50 minutes of hands-on.

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