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All products are made from 100% organic raw materials and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils with No Preservatives.

Arthritis Cream

Our special formula of blended essential oils is mixed into a handmade cream base helps to reduce inflammation, assist in the production of synovial fluid in the joint, decrease pain and edema while increasing mobility. Available in

.25 oz. $9
.5 oz. $16
1.0 oz. $28

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Our face cream is light, hydrating and nourishing to your skin while the wrinkles are erased. Look younger with the positive anti-aging, skin firming and revitalizing effects of our superior recipe. Available in

.25 oz. $9
.5 oz. $16

Knee Repair Oil

Pain while walking can limit your mobility and decrease activity. Make knee pain take a back seat with our unique blend of 100% therapeutic grade, high quality essential oils. This blend is designed to help alleviate pain, reduce bone-on-bone rubbing, to help repair knees. Available in rollerball sizes

2 ml $15
5 ml $33

Cellulite Reducer

This thick cream will help firm loose skin, reduce dimples and help the skin look younger. Available in

4 oz. $15
8 oz. $28

Want to try a Sample? We will mail you a sample of 1, 2, 3 or all 4 products.

1 Sample $5
2 Samples $8
3 Samples $12
4 Samples $17